Call for Participation: Program, local arrangement and development chairs

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Montréal will host ARLIS/NA in Spring of 2021 (read the full proposal here) and we’re looking for the first round of volunteers for various leadership positions to help organize the 2021 ARLIS/NA conference in beautiful Montréal!

For the 2021 conference, we’ve proposed a theme centering around the idea of convergence. The city of Montréal itself is a site of convergence, as a place where both French and English are commonly spoken, different languages and cultures come together, and a blend of old and new is manifested in its history, architecture and integration of technologies. This theme also reflects the nature of ARLIS/NA and the ARLIS/NA MOQ chapter, which are composed of members from a variety of different backgrounds, working in small and large institutions, including public libraries, academic institutions, museums as well as many independent professionals and students.


For the first round, we’re looking for 5 committed people to join the ARLIS/NA Conference Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC) to lead teams responsible for the following broad areas of conference planning: session programming, tours, exhibits, special events, publicity, registration, website, local guide, raffle/fundraiser and local development.

It is important to note that conference co-chairs have access to guidance and support from the ARLIS/NA executive board and the previous conference organizers, who will be available to provide advice and answer questions when needed. In addition to our team, CPAC includes the ARLIS/NA President and a paid Conference Manager position.   

Program Committee co-chairs x 2

Position Summary:  Ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality program that represents all the various ARLIS/NA divisions and sections is organized and presented at the conference. The Program chairs lead the program committee (2-4 people) that includes individuals to run the poster sessions, workshops, speaker logistics and proceedings editor.

Local Arrangement Committee co-chairs x 2

Position Summary: Lead the Local Arrangement committee, which is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all the meetings, accommodation, entertainment, and eating arrangements. This includes registration and hospitality volunteers, local tours, special events and organizing the local guide.

Development Committee Chair x 1

Position Summary: Leads the Conference development team that is in charge of the fundraising for the conference. The ARLIS/NA National Development Committee maintains a database of previous sponsors and potential prospects and the Conference Development Team should work to identify local donors/sponsors/exhibitors.

What is involved?

  • This is a two-year commitment, culminating at the end of the 2021 ARLIS/NA conference.
  • Weekly conference calls are expected in the 12 months leading up to the conference.
  • At least two of the co-chairs should be present at the 2020 ARLIS/NA conference (in St. Louis, Missouri) to present the Montréal conference at the conference membership meeting. In addition, they will attend the post-conference board meeting for the conference debrief. (Note that conference co-chairs may be eligible for special funding to attend this conference).
  • Want to know more of what goes into Conference planning? ARLIS/NA maintains a 30+ page conference manual and a conference timeline that is reviewed and updated every year by the outgoing conference committee and the ARLIS/NA executive board. All conference co-chairs will receive complimentary registration for the Montréal conference and all conference events.

Who can volunteer?

  • These positions are open to any ARLIS/NA member who is willing to make the commitment. These are volunteer positions but it is a recognized service opportunity.

Why volunteer?  

  • Contribute to the Society and shape the planning of this dynamic international conference. Have you ever attended a conference and thought of what you’d like to see done differently? This is your chance!
  • Broaden leadership skills with an international organization. An excellent opportunity to take on an administration or management role and build your skill set.
  • Make connections and build relationships outside of your workplace. Many people talk about how nice it is to work with people outside the organization and how much they gain from broadening their network.

How to volunteer?

  • Email a few sentences to to express which position you are interested in and what you could bring to the team by January 25th, 2019. *If you are interested in one of this leadership positions but require more time to confirm if you are able to commit, please also let us know by January 25th.

Interested in something different?

  • Don’t think you want to take on these roles, but are interested in helping out in another way? We will need about 25 people total to make this work! Email us your talents and interests and the conference planning committee will keep you in mind. Or better yet, sign up for where we will be sending regular updates and future calls for volunteers for these and other roles:
    • Workshop Coordinator
    • Poster Session Coordinator
    • Proceedings Editor
    • Publicity Coordinator
    • Registration/Volunteer Coordinator
    • Local Guide Editor
    • Silent Auction Coordinator
    • Tours/Transportation Coordinator
    • Exhibitor Coordinator
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