Daphne Dufresne

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Daphne Dufresne (1940-2017)

One of the pioneers of ARLIS MOQ passed away this past August at the age of 77. Daphne Dufresne was the Director of the Bibliothèque des arts de L’UQAM from 1970 until her retirement in 2004. Daphne Dufresne served as president of ARLIS MOQ in 1991 and held the role of conference co-chair for the ARLIS/NA conference held in Montréal in 1995.  Her involvement in ARLIS was formally recognized with the creation of the bursary bearing her name. Awarded annually, the Daphne Dufresne Membership Award supports the membership of a local member of ARLIS MOQ to the North American Organisation, ARLIS/NA. Among other contributions, Daphne Dufresne cowrote an article in 2008, with her colleague Marilyn Berger from McGill, on libraries and documentation centres in the cultural sector.




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