arlisnamoqlogo“Activities” highlights the various awards that are open to Chapter members as well as information regarding our bi-annual meetings. Programmes for our past meetings are listed, and some include photos!

Members who wish to post announcements regarding events or activities on the ARLIS/NA MOQ website are invited to send us details by email.

Please send us the following information and documentation :

  • Name of the event or activity;
  • Date(s) and times or duration;
  • Address (street and city);
  • Name(s) of organizer(s);
  • Contact information for the organizers;
  • One scanned image relating to the event or activity: 72 dpi (maximum width of 600)
  • A short summary of the event or activity in English or French: maximum of 50 words. Summaries can be written in both languages: maximum of 100 words;
  • A URL address to enable the reader to link to website of the event or activity (optional).

Disclaimer: ARLIS/NA MOQ is not responsible for the accuracy of the information that is submitted, and reserves the right to edit any information for publishing purposes.

Send your submission to: