This section is dedicated to the Chapter’s newsletter MOQDOC.

Members who wish to announce new publications (by their institutions or by their publishers) on the ARLIS/NA MOQ website are invited to send us details by email. Publications should be related to the fields of Art, Architecture, Design, and the Performing Arts.

Please send us the following information and documentation:

  • Title of the publication;
  • Name of the author(s) and/or editor(s). If there are more than 3 persons involved, supply 3 names followed by “et al.”;
  • City or cities of publication : maximum of 3;
  • Name of publisher(s): maximum of 3;
  • Date of publication and/or copyright date;
  • Number of pages of the publication;
  • Language(s) of the publication;
  • One scanned image of the cover: 72 dpi (maximum width of 600)
  • A short summary of the publication in English or French: maximum of 50 words. The summary should be written in the language of the publication. Bilingual titles (published in English and French) should include summaries in both languages: maximum of 100 words.
  • A URL address to enable the reader to link to the publisher’s or distributor’s website (optional).

Disclaimer: ARLIS/NA MOQ is not responsible for the accuracy of the information that is submitted, and reserves the right to edit any information for publishing purposes.

Send your submission to: